My name is Amanda. I'm a college student from New York. I love art, design,literature, and poetry.

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I'm also really into photography, and make a little art of my own as well. I have a huge collection of sideblogs where I post about everything from food to fandom. You can also follow me on Instagram


I'm really excited for the summer

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i love the starships video because nicki is barefoot in so much of it and it makes how tiny she is very obvious and shes having so much fun

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never in my life have i felt more on top of my shit than the other day when i bought the textbook for the 4th year art history capstone because i thought that even though i’m not taking it yet it would be fun to read and then literally 24 hours later in my humanism ahi course the prof was like “so if any of you want to look into the capstone course, it’s really low on enrollment this year and i encourage you to get ahead” 

i have been doing laundry 

i have been doing laundry 

i like the asexual clara oswald headcanon, idk where that came from but i like it

Anonymous asked: what's up with you and lettuce?

lettuce have a difference of opinion here, bud 

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he likes to kiss




Finally got some good pictures of my boys!! Brothers :^) 


Enjoy Life


want to see a corgi playing in his own mini swimming pool? of course you do