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Dane Dehaan wearing a shirt with himself on it 

Dane Dehaan wearing a shirt with himself on it 

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christian from masterchef is so hot bye

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So I’m new to this but old to Social Media. My purpose for being here is to blog about my experiences online and get out of the 140 character limit.

I have tried turning on the /ask feature but it’s just fills my inbox with random posts and questions that I see everywhere else.

I’m going to try…

aww this is so cute. hi bill!!

wash your rice 

if y’all stay on tumblr until your late 20s are we gonna see the “late 20s getting engaged and starting to put down roots” phenomenon but tumblr style i can only imagine what that would be like 

i think my dad said he’s on his way to wal-mart to “buy a big meme” 

hayao miyazaki successfully created numerous coming of age films with female characters and like. essentially in his work reclaimed the “female as neutral” which very few filmmakers, let alone male ones, have been able to do with mainstream success 

PJ looks

PJ looks

also my real question for that list is: if there are over 3,200 hannigram fics why does it feel like i’ve already gone through all the good smut twice over 

for some reason men don’t seem to realize that for teenage girls, female-friendly erotica is incredibly hard to find, especially when you’re young, so often finding things that just remove women from the equation is easier. it makes you feel safer. you know what else is easier via fandom when you’re young? exploring kinks and normalizing the idea of homosexuality. written fanficition is so harmless compared to nearly all other forms of erotica and allows young women to figure out sexual things on their own, with their own agency and creativity. this is such a positive force just for that reason, just giving women back the  control of their own erotic stuff is a big deal, man. it might not be changing the world and has lead to some seriously shitheaded things, but so has nearly every hobby ever invented, and I don’t see y’all lambasting teenage boys for how often they watch lesbian porn or play games or watch movies that degrade women. at least not to their faces. people seem to give the weird or gross male-driven parts of teenage deviantart/4chan a laugh-off. the only time I’ve really ever seen people take a stand is with “brony culture.” but teen boys cumming on anime figurines or owning body pillows? goofy stuff! it’s weird and scary to me that teenage fangirls are seen as “stupid” and as “threats” to the extent that they are. you don’t have to befriend them but leave them alone, jesus. 

 fandom is not queer activism, but a lot of people, especially as they mature and grow, learn to realize that. i’ve seen way too much outright cruelty towards like 14-year-old girls who are into bbc sherlock for this to be anything other than some seriously gross under-the-radar sexism from people on this website. just let teenage girls be and let them grow up and figure stuff out on their own. christ. y’all are in your late teens and early 20s. 

i side-eye very hard any grown ass gay cis men on this website who are insanely rude to teenage girls for being in fandom or shipping m/m pairings

Also, all Homestuck ships including the ones with trolls are listed as “white” when most fans/fanartists certainly do not read all the characters in homestuck as white…

Also, why the fuck are all anime characters listed as “white” on those stats? Ew? Are Japanese characters not POC enough for whoever was compiling that list?