My name is Amanda. I'm a college student from New York. I love art, design,literature, and poetry.

I'm also really into photography, and make a little art of my own as well. I have a huge collection of sideblogs where I post about everything from food to fandom. You can also follow me on Instagram


I'm really excited for the spring

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its nice

its nice



Le jardin blanc au crépuscule, Henri Le Sidaner (1862–1939)


Le jardin blanc au crépuscule, Henri Le Sidaner (1862–1939)

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tbt to 12-year-old amanda killian’s bookshelf

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remember when hugh dancy and ben wishaw made out

Hugh Dancy in the play Venus in Fur [2012] [c]

how did i forget about these

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Anonymous asked: This may seem like a weird compliment, but you are going to be the coolest middle aged woman, for real

i hope im a cool middle aged woman!! damn

i feel soooo sick this morning wtf

my entire body aches? why dis

Anonymous asked: A while back you said you shop on your own a lot and I was wondering if you ever seen anyone you knw from school or something?

haha this is a funny ask. yeah I have! i think the most embarrassing time was when i saw someone from a summer camp i’d gone to and they had a huge gaggle of friends with them.