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I'm really excited for the spring

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some science: kristin chenoweth is 4’11” and is probably wearing two or three inch heels in that scene. so she’s like 5’2” all told. raul looks like he’s MAYBE two or three inches taller than her and what i’m saying here is i wanna put both of them in my pocket

important small people kissing

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this is a blog about cats, cacti, and boy tummies 



Anonymous asked: You have the best eyebrow game by far.

yeah but i also just ugly cried over a pharell williams interview. im not all the way to coolness yet, my friend.

that gifset made me cry im the worst omfg

my little brother gets home from his band trip tonight so i am baking him cookies. i am the cool gay older sister every nice teen boy deserves. 

reasons to source historical artwork!!!!!!!!

  • i have seen lots of posts about citing fanart and digital art made by artists on tumblr but i haven’t seen one about this so yo
  • some of you might think that just because a painting or sculpture looks like it’s from the past it’s fine to let it go unsourced
  • this could not be further from the truth!! 
  • it literally takes just a single google image reverse search to find the name, date, media, owner and artist of most art pieces! 
  • you should add this– especially the title, date, and artist’s name! (“Artist’s name, Title of Work. Date. Media. Owner.” you can make it more complicated than that and include size etc but that is the basic format!) 
  • why?
  • because even though you might not be stealing from a living artist by reposting a piece of historical art, this information can add important context and greatly change the viewer’s experience! you might learn something about the piece.
  • and idk man learning is fun. you will also look cool writing out proper citations on art pieces.
  • cite your art