My name is Amanda. I'm a college student from New York. I love art, design,literature, and poetry.

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I'm really excited for the summer

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Autumn: A Jazz Mix

Here’s a laid-back little jazz playlist for the season. Hope you guys like it! I tried to keep it cool and not too coffeehouse-cute. 

(Album art is Childe Hassam, Street Scene in Paris, Autumn, 1889)


put this on while you are biking and it’s sunny and you feel good 


The album begins with the bang of a gong (tam-tam), followed by cymbal washes. Jimmy Garrison follows on bass with the four-note motif which structures the entire movement. Coltrane’s solo follows. Besides soloing upon variations of the motif, at one point Coltrane repeats the four notes over and over in different modulations. After many repetitions, the motif becomes the vocal chant “A Love Supreme”, sung by Coltrane (accompanying himself via overdubs).

its like the auditory equivalent of having a significant other run their hand very very slowly up your inner thigh

i want to get into bed with that recording i just posted it’s so hot 

sorry but this is THE version of this song 


here’s what i am making for all of u

  • an autumn mix
  • an autumn JAZZ mix. for jazz. 

(via 09062014)

interesting pic of me Going


(via 09062014)

interesting pic of me Going

i trimmed my hair an did a shea butter hair mask and like


i trimmed my hair an did a shea butter hair mask and like


Thaïs Méditation performed by Yo Yo Ma

aka my early autumn string jam 

modernist woman artists are so important 2 me 

omg same i’m so much more interested in texts about the pieces than like in the pieces themselves lmao

yAS and I mean that makes a fair amount of sense considering what they are…lately i’ve gotten really turned off to surrealism because of how blithely it uses the female nude in destroyed sections or as a surface for the male dream space to spin its wheels but reading about it and coming to that conclusion felt good

& the reason i never got all the way with dadism was because it crosses SO MUCH into poetry and it was like juggling two workloads so that’s why i’m suuuuuper excited to delve into it with this course. frick!! 

when I was in philly last summer they had all the dadists & surrealists out like i got to see so many major works which is great because even if those aren’t my favorite works to react to emotionally i LOVE LOVE LOVE reading about them. fuckin bless. 

fuckin HELL YEAH dude the prof makes such interesting selections i love it so much stuff i’ve never covered before

RIGHT? i’m saving stein for later this week and started off with the baroness elsa and her work is such a THRILL…possibly my favorite so far

& last week’s slick combo of art history and poetry had me reeling i can’t wait to get to dadaism for the same reason 

javeliner are you still modpo-ing? i’m so stoked for this week’s selections wtf