My name is Amanda. I'm a college student from New York. I love art, design,literature, and poetry.

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I'm also really into photography, and make a little art of my own as well. I have a huge collection of sideblogs where I post about everything from food to fandom. You can also follow me on Instagram


I'm really excited for the summer

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"Will we walk all night through solitary streets?"

(Allen Ginsberg reading his poem, A Supermarket in California)

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Watching Brokeback Mountain Alone In Your Dorm Lounge At 1AM:
A photo montage 

[danny devito voice receding into the distance] TELL PEOPLE WE PUSHED YOUUUU

hi i’m miserable” “hi miserable i’m dad” — me getting used to the rare combo of sadness and blogging about sadness on this website where dad jokes run wild and free 

when the thing that happens in the talented mr. ripley happens…..and yr watchin it for the first time and you don’t EXPECT it….


ok the talented mr.ripley was not the light gay romp i thought it looks like in the gifsets

Twin Peaks - Study (x)

- Iconic places - part 4


good morning


good morning

anyways here are some dresses I can’t afford but would look hella in 

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Andrew Wyeth, Off at Sea, 1972, 

Andrew Wyeth, Off at Sea, 1972, 

i love walt whitman his poems make me feel alive and they make me wanna cry. i want my mom to mail me my giant unabridged copy of leaves of grass but i don’t want her to have to pay Hella Postage 




  // I am who I’ve always been. the scales have just fallen from my eyes. //

ispeakfluentloveliness asked: You are literally the queen of selfies. Can you please reveal to us mortals how you take such wonderful pictures of yourself?? What is your secret?

1. front-facing light and a killer hairdo

2. no journey can be taken alone