My name is Amanda. I'm a college student from New York. I love art, design,literature, and poetry.

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I'm really excited for the summer

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i turn 20 in a week wtf


there is nothing we, collectively, as the star trek fandom, could do or put here on tumblr that would in any way surprise william shatner, because i mean this is a fandom in which somebody cosplayed a giant vulcan penis and did an interpretive dance while in the costume and this happened decades before tumblr began tumbling. i think the real question here is, can tumblr handle william shatner

danny devito legit fucking tweeted this

danny devito legit fucking tweeted this

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I remember tuscany nights, and a soft but strong hand leading me into the throes of a mattress that would make me into a man

the last harry potter film was a formative moment of closure for many a childhood but the second to last harry potter where harry and hermione suddenly start dancing to a nick cave song was a hint at the sheer surreal chaos of adulthood 

look i don’t know much but i know that i definitely attended the midnight premiere of the last harry potter film holding a wand and sharing red vines with strangers and crying the whole time and i wouldn’t have missed it for the world No Regrets 

remember when a very potter musical came out and it was still a big secret with only a few tens of thousands of views. remember darren criss before he was famous. 

I’m wearing stockings.

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hey guys so

I know many of you all follow both of us so I’m making a post just to say that mari and I are no longer dating. it’s all good, we’re still close friends, no bad blood, just no longer romantically involved in any way. love as a concept ain’t dead, life is ok, but blogging is a big enough part of my life that not saying anything here wouldn’t make sense. that’s what’s up buds!! we are two adults who have ended our romantic relationship. 


blue mitchell - the thing to do (sleeve art)

Blue Mitchell - Fungii Mama (1964)

3/5ths of the Horace Silver quintet (Mitchell, Junior Cook, Gene Taylor)—plus the inventive contribution of a very young Chick Corea—are responsible for delivering this stunning example of mid-60s Blue Note hard bop at its best.

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Green Fingers by Dylan Barnes


Green Fingers by Dylan Barnes

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i love big summer rainstorms actually

it rained all day today too though so like