My name is Amanda. I'm a college student from New York. I love art, design,literature, and poetry.

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I'm also really into photography, and make a little art of my own as well. I have a huge collection of sideblogs where I post about everything from food to fandom. You can also follow me on Instagram


I'm really excited for the summer

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raul esparza looks like one of those dogs that has eaten a bee


The Byrds - I’ll Feel a Whole Lot Better (Stereo) (1965)
Gene Clarke
from: ”Mr. Tambourine Man” LP

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*eats an old meme* ah a fine vintage 

fakegaysluttyantics liked your post: why are women So

i see u likin this post and i know you were having a bummer of an evening earlier so TBH i should mention that this post is in part about you and all my other awesome female tumblr buds 

why are women So


Nicki Minaj | Anaconda (Official HQ Version)

"Dick bigger than a tower, I ain’t talking about Eiffel."

nicki minaj is great and makes solid pop songs and can throw down some incredible verses but people hate her and she just made a song about her big ass and it’s great and she clearly is not listening to anyone at this point god fucking bless 

"anaconda" is the dumbest song i have ever heard and i love it 








logging onto tumblr near autumn image

i know the haters want me to say charlie day isnt hot but he just is im sorry


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me: horoscopes are fucking stupid if you believe that shit you’re a fucking—

horoscope: leos are sexy as hell

me: genius bruh these shits are real as fuck amazing how are they so on point all the time